Advanced Medical Spanish

Jamie M., M1

Advanced Medical Spanish is one of the most popular selectives at WashU, and for good reason. For those with a background in the language, this selective will give you the tools you need to be comfortable working with Spanish-speaking patients. The selective spans the entire year, covering the History and Physical in the Fall and cultural aspects of Hispanic populations in the Spring. Additionally, you can continue to be involved with the curriculum throughout the rest of your years here. The biggest perk of this selective: If you stick with the curriculum through fourth year, you can take the national exam to become a bilingual provider, and this accomplishment is noted in your Dean’s Letter. Additionally, since it follows the Practice of Medicine curriculum, you will get twice the amount of practice as your classmates do with taking a history and performing the various aspects of a physical exam. Each aspect of the physical exam is taught by a Spanish-speaking physician in that area, providing us with the opportunity for both individualized practice and the chance to get to know more of the faculty here. Last but not least, you get to spend an hour every Thursday afternoon practicing your Spanish with friends!