Air Travel

Sharon A., M1

If you’ve ever lived in a big city, you’ll know how difficult it can be to get to and from the airport. I lived in Los Angeles for undergrad and Houston for grad school, so I’ve been on the Struggle Bus before. Literally. In L.A., I had to pay $10 each direction for a bus that would only come once an hour (if you were lucky and it wasn’t running late) to a stop one mile away from my apartment, only to spend two hours slogging through the monster that is L.A. traffic. In Houston, I spent $20 each direction for an Uber because public transportation is a fictional concept to the entire state of Texas. My experience here could not be more different. The MetroLink is a light-rail train that takes you straight from school to the airport in 20-30 minutes. So nice, so easy, and it’s FREE to med students! The St. Louis Lambert Airport is also small, inviting, uncrowded, and easy to get through. Flying in and out of this city is a breeze, and I love it.