Asian Grocery Stores

Ben K., M1

Have you ever felt like you were lacking for choice in the Central West End grocery store scene? Tired of Whole Foods and their prices which make you go over-budget, or Schnucks and their lack of variety? Even if you answered with a resounding “NO,” let me tell you that you can always be down for more choices. Olive Street (northwest of CWE) has you covered more than the omentum on your colon. Due to the large Asian population that has gathered near Olive Street, you can expect plenty of choice when visiting Seafood City, Olive Supermarket, Chinatown Market, or East Seoul Oriental. All of these stores have similar stocks of packaged goods, but are also known for slightly different things. Seafood City, as its name may reveal, is known for its fresh still-moving seafood along with a generous array of frozen goods. Olive Supermarket and Chinatown Market are known for their selection of Chinese products. Chinatown Market is especially known for its fresh selection of produce. East Seoul Oriental is a little ways down Olive Street from the first three stores, but boasts a surprisingly large collection of Korean groceries in a small hole-in-the-wall style store. Find a friend with a car and plan a trip down together, since these stores will let you spice up your life in a big way. I also definitely recommend stopping by at one of the restaurants in the area for authentic Asian cuisine!