Eric B., M1

If you didn’t already know, one of the first things you will learn in medical school is that Ball is Life.  Life without ball is a lonely pit of despair, so fortunately WashU has some great facilities to keep you ballin.  Most med students go to the gym that is located on the ground floor of Olin Residence Hall. There is only one court, but it is pretty much always empty.  If you are a big baller and need to use the most expensive equipment ($495 shoes, for example), you can go to the undergraduate gym (the Sumer Rec Center) on the other side of the park.  It is usually more crowded, but there are more courts and other facilities in the same building. If you want to feel like playoff Lebron, join intramurals for a higher level of competition (also at the undergrad gym).  Finally, if you’re not that good at basketball, don’t worry you can’t be worse than Alex S.