Central West End (CWE)

Emma B., M2

A large number of first-year medical students choose to live in the Central West End (CWE), and for good reason. The CWE is adjacent to the WUSM campus and Forest Park. It is filled with young professionals and students, which creates a nice, lively, and safe atmosphere. Most apartment buildings are only a short walk from class and you will probably run into several of your classmates on the way to lecture in the morning. There are several grocery stores nearby, which adds convenience, especially for people who don’t have cars. You will also be close to the CWE MetroLink stop, which gives you easy access to the Danforth Campus and to the rest of St. Louis. There are a lot of great housing options for any budget and a large assortment of cafes, restaurants, and bars for all of your studying, food, and entertainment needs. A lot of students choose to live in the CWE for the convenience and affordability of the area, and because it acts as the hub of student life for a large portion of medical students.