1. Becker Medical Library (Suite 220)
    Free coffee and tea for all students between 8:30 am – 5 pm. Perfect for a quick stop in between lectures!
  2. Kaldi’s Café (in FLTC and the Mid-Campus Center)
  3. Starbucks
    This Starbucks location is easily within walking distance, but removed enough from campus that it is not too populated with students, yet there are always other customers keeping the space lively and busy. They also have a variety of tabling setups – bar stools by a window, huge wooden tables, couches, and individual tables – for your every need! My favorite part is the ample amount of natural lighting from all the windows so you feel less sad about studying on the weekends. – Clara K., M1
  4. Coffee Cartel
    Small business coffee shop with lots of flavors and options, plenty of room to do work, and a cute painted piano. – Jaime M., M1
  5. Northwest Coffee Roasting
  6. Rise Coffee
    Cozy and eclectic vibe with amazing coffee and food. Although it can be busy, there is a dedicated quiet area upstairs, perfect for a day of studying. –Amisha P., M1
  7. Comet Coffee