Del Coronado

Priyanka P., M1

  • Price range (monthly): $910-1210 for a studio or one-bedroom, $1260-1660 for a two-bedroom
  • Pet Policy: Pets allowed
  • Amenities: Gym and lounge on second floor, laundry room every other floor
  • Parking (monthly): $80
  • Walk: 10 minutes

With over a dozen students from the M1 class alone, Del Coronado is one of the most popular buildings for Wash U med students. An easy 10-minute walk from school, this building is a fun and comfortable place to live. A gym in the building means you don’t need to hike to Olin for your early-morning workouts. The lounge, equipped with a TV, couches, and a bar is the perfect place to host a late-night study session or a post-exam gathering. Laundry rooms are conveniently located on every other floor and all maintenance requests are taken care of ASAP. For a reasonable price, Del Coronado has all the amenities of a more expensive building in a great location.