Free Food

Alex S., M1

Everyone loves food, but when it’s free it suddenly becomes a thousand times more delicious. Perhaps it is the luxury of expending little more energy than the lifting of a fork, to fall into that deep ambrosial food coma. Perhaps it is because free food placates your inner penny-pinching ego, and the fullness of your wallet fills you with a sense of pride. Whichever way free food touches your soul and lifts your spirits, WashU has got you covered. In the past four months I have purchased groceries only twice. With a keen eye and honed scavenging skills, it is entirely possible to eat three meals a day, five days a week without spending a dime. During application season, the applicant breakfasts overflow with leftovers a plenty. If you tire of the applicant fare, each hospital department also hosts grand rounds once a week which offer, beyond engaging lectures, Einsteins Bagels and Coffee. Lunch is catered by various organizations hosting lunch talks at least four times a week; Addie’s Thai is served on at least two days. During application season, pizza is served every night in Olin, but if pizza isn’t your thing, between interprofessional events, galas, guest speakers, and leftovers from catered evening selective courses, there is plenty of food to go ‘round. Bottom line, you will not go hungry.