From Lisa M. Moscoso, MD, PhD

Associate Dean, Student Affairs

You’re in — congratulations! I am here to support you on your journey as you transform into a doctor. Yes, transform into a doctor! That will happen in the next four or more years. There will be many joys and challenges on this journey. As you begin medical school, it will be important to develop a community of support to celebrate your joys and be there for you in the challenging times. Many of you may have an extended e-community, and I would encourage you to maintain that virtual community while growing face-to-face relationships with classmates, mentors, other graduate students and others at WUSM and in St. Louis with common interests. Balance will be a challenging virtue to achieve while you are a student and perhaps for the rest of your life. Know you may find your life unbalanced at times. Medical school is demanding of your time and energy. However, you can be aware of what you may need to do to regain and maintain a healthy balance. Here are a few bits of advice that might be useful:

  • Build relationships and build a strong community of support. Quality is important here, not necessarily quantity. You need not look far. Many future lifetime friends, colleagues, mentors and advisors surround you.
  • Respect others in your actions and words.
  • Appreciate your family and friends. Stay connected.
  • Exercise.
  • Play outside.
  • Laugh.
  • Read for fun.
  • Notice something beautiful today.
  • Be grateful for something or someone every day.
  • Life will bring challenges, so please ask for help or support if you need it.
  • And participate in or lead a student-run program.