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Group Profile of Editors
Dis-Orientation Guide Editorial Team. Back row (left-right): Cory B. French, Alex Scott, Jamie Moffa, Michael Nehls, Priyanka Parameswaran, Connie Gan, Shariq Khan; Front row (left-right): Rebecca Chen, Gina Rhee, Samantha Lund, Amisha Parikh, Reeti Pal, Lekha Pandya, Faith Williams, Sharon Abada, Mary Zhu. Not Pictured: Iris Kuo, Nisha Bhat.

For more than 30 years, the first-year class (AKA M1’s) has come together to pass on their accumulated wisdom to incoming students. We were in your exact position just a few months ago, so we know all the questions you probably have right now!

For prospective and accepted students, the Dis-Orientation Guide is a resource unlike any other. Medical school ranking lists, internet forums, even the main WUSM web site can only give you so much information on what it’s actually like to go here. For students interested in attending WashU, the guide has a wealth of information on the school’s culture, academic and extracurricular options, and what it’s like to live in St. Louis. For accepted students, the Dis-O will give you a unique view into what your life will be like as a student at WashU. From detailed information on the various housing options, to student perspectives on our diverse backgrounds, interests and identities, to friendly advice from faculty and M4s, the Dis-O Guide has the answers to almost any question you could have about life as a WUSM student.

The three of us, and many of our classmates, decided to get involved because it helped us through the medical school admissions process, while we were making difficult decisions about where to actually spend the next four (or more) years. We have loved having the opportunity to pass on what wisdom we’ve gained during the course of this past year, and want you to enjoy reading this guide as much as we enjoyed making it. WUSM is an amazing place filled with unique opportunities and welcoming people — we hope this guide gives you a glimpse of the innumerable reasons why we love this school.


Shariq Khan, Jamie Moffa, and Priyanka Parameswaran