Fun at the Farms

Leah J., M2

What better way to spend a sunny autumn afternoon than at the farm? Grant’s and Eckert’s farms are a half-hour drive from campus and boast a wide array of fun activities. At Grant’s Farm you can watch elephant shows, meet the famous Budweiser Clydesdales, and hand-feed baby goats from a bottle, just to name a few activities. Once you are ready for a break, you can duck into the Brat Haus for a nice cold complimentary beer and a bite to eat. On another weekend, you can drive over the Mississippi River to Eckert’s Family Farms. There you can meander through the orchard to pick the most perfect apples and pumpkins, stay for the evening concerts and corn mazes, and savor the deliciously sweet caramel corn and pumpkin pies.