Madeline S., M1

During interviews, medical students would tell me about the glorious amounts of free food offered throughout medical school. Sadly, it is rarely gluten-free so my budget for food may be a little bit more than my classmates. But fear not! St. Louis has lots of great gluten-free options. Within Central West End, Pi Pizzeria, Mission Taco. and El Burro all have great gluten-free options (stay away from the chips at both Mission and El Burro if you are concerned about contamination). iTap is known for the beer, but there is a decent selection of cider and wine so you can join in on the iTap fun. Lonas LiL Eats (about 15-minute drive) is almost entirely gluten-free and has delicious Asian-fusion rice paper wraps. There is also a gluten-free bakery called New Day (about 10-minute drive) that has decent baked goods, but it’s main attraction is a sandwich that doesn’t fall apart (!!!!!).