Amir K., M1

If you’re reading this, then you probably care about being fit (or swole, or yoked, or lean… whatever suits your fancy). Or maybe you don’t and you want to know if WashU will offer the chance to start. Either way, we have two homes for you: Olin Residence Hall (aka the SHAC) and the Danforth Campus (Sumer Center on the main/undergrad campus). Put simply, the Olin gym has everything you NEED, and the Sumer’s Rec Center has everything you WANT. Olin is open 24/7 and has essential machines, cardio equipment, a boxing bag, and ample free weights. There is also a basketball court in the basement. Sumer’s has all of these things, but it is bigger, and the equipment is newer. It also has a pool, more basketball courts, racquetball, and outdoor tennis courts nearby. There are also cool massage chairs you can sign up to use to get on that next-level workout recovery game.