Interest Groups

Priyanka P., M1

WUSM has a huge range of speciality interest groups, all of which provide opportunities for students to explore different specialties and engage in unique clinical experiences before we hit our clinical rotations in M3. Most specialities have a student-run interest group with faculty advisors; popular groups include: dermatology, internal medicine, ob/gyn, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, pediatrics, radiology, wilderness medicine and surgery. Participating in interest group events allows us to meet physicians and potential mentors at “speed-dating” sessions, helps us set up shadowing experiences, and offers other cool opportunities. Highlights include surgical skills sessions with general surgery residents (we practiced suturing and knot-tying on pig’s feet), and the perinatal project — a program run by the ob/gyn interest group where students are paired with a pregnant mother and can attend her ob/gyn appointments and her delivery.