Intro to Emergency Medicine

Sharon A., M1

Ever wonder what you would do if you encountered a medical emergency out in the real world? I certainly have. And while this one six-week course has not quite prepared me for everything, it has definitely given me insight into how to deal with some of the more common medical emergencies. It’s also just gotten me super jazzed about the field of Emergency Medicine. Each class begins with a quiz review of the class before. Dr. Wichelman will start us off with something like this: “Your patient comes in with a snake bite! Quick! What do you do?” And from there, we go on a whirlwind tour of cardiac emergencies, trauma management, or toxicological conditions. Dr. Wichelman is so much fun to listen to because she has a wealth of relevant personal and professional experiences which she openly shares with us in detail. She also includes a lot of videos in her lectures — some are instructional, and some are just plain hilarious. We even spent half of one class analyzing an episode of the old TV show ER. Whether or not you’re headed toward a career in EM, I can guarantee you’ll have a good time while learning valuable information in this excellent selective.