James S.

MSTP Life, M1

James Shepardson Profile

I came to WashU because of the research opportunities. I would like to make basic and clinical research a big part of my medical career, and WashU offers top-notch training in biomedical research. Nearly every student gets involved with some project in their time here, whether it be the most fundamental molecular biology or statistical analysis of huge public health datasets.

I came to WashU because of the medical education. WashU’s clinical curriculum and training opportunities are outstanding, and I was confident that I would get the education and support needed to succeed in any field of medicine. Whether you’re still trying to figure out what interests you or you already have your heart set on a particular residency, WashU will leave you well-prepared.

Most importantly, I came to WashU because of the people. The admissions committee does a great job of bringing together an incredible group of students, and my experience meeting future classmates at the spring revisit was probably the deciding factor in why I chose WashU. And it’s not just my classmates — in my short time so far as a medical student, I have already received incredible mentorship from the outstanding physicians, senior medical students, clinical professors, and research faculty here at WashU. Plenty of medical schools have impressive research and clinical education opportunities, but few, if any, have our sense of community.