Life with a Car

Eric B., M1

As a first year, I would not say that you need to have a car.  Between Uber, the MetroLink, and mooching rides from your friends, you can get anywhere in the city of St. Louis. However, having a car offers some advantages. If you’re like me and paying $4.20 for a gallon of milk makes you feel like someone is giving you a root canal, then you probably want to be able to get groceries from somewhere other than Whole Foods. Aldi is a few blocks north of the CWE (Milk there is $2.25) and stores like Target and Walmart are a 15-minute drive away. In addition, there are certain areas outside of the city (discussed in other sections of this guide) that require a car to get to in a reasonable amount of time. Finally, if you’re ever studying late in the carrels and don’t want to have to walk home alone, it’s also nice to be able to drive.