Living with Other M1s

Priyanka P., M1

I knew coming into medical school that I wanted to live with other students — communal living and getting to know my roommates was one of my favorite parts of undergrad, so I wanted that experience in medical school as well. Once I got through the somewhat stressful process of finding a roommate (courtesy of a GoogleDoc that the M1 class president puts on the Facebook page for accepted students), I was doubly excited to start medical school. Living with another M1 has been an amazing decision — it’s great to go home and have a friend who understands the stresses of medical school, to take study breaks with, and to laze around with. Best of all — living with another M1 gives you a buddy for at-home movie nights and baking sessions. Getting to know my roommate has been one of the best parts of first year, and is a great way to jump into medical school and start getting to know classmates.