Maryland House

Eric B., M1

  • Price range (monthly): $800 for a one-bedroom (more for granite countertops), two-bedroom
  • Pet Policy: Dogs and cats allowed, $50 deposit
  • Amenities: Water/gas included
  • Parking (monthly): Garage parking $50
  • Walk: 15-20 minutes

4355 Maryland Ave. is located off Newstead Ave. I moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Maryland House with my girlfriend because we knew we wanted a cat and it was half-way between WashU and SLU. It takes me about 15 minutes to walk to campus (I walk fast). Splitting $800 a month, I probably have one of the lowest rents of the entire class, which is nice when your cat is destructive piece of s#%t (man, I love him). Apartment includes a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and electric stove. The rooms are larger than most one-bedroom apartments I’ve seen because it’s a little farther away. I don’t pay for the garage parking, because there’s always free street parking. We also went with this place because the management had good reviews and they have been receptive whenever we’ve made requests. I believe the walls are thick because I rarely hear the neighbors. No word on whether they can hear us. I would recommend this apartment if you don’t mind a slightly longer walk.