Molecular Cell Biology (MCB)

Jesus A., M1

As an MSTP you can decide whether to take Molecular Cell Biology (MCB) or Molecular Foundations of Medicine (MFM). Overall, MCB can be useful for learning molecular techniques and practicing how to review articles. The class has mandatory journal clubs, which I personally enjoyed because it can be a way to improve article reading skills. If you have a background in Molecular Cell Biology this class should be relatively straightforward. Classes are not recorded and can be overwhelming because of the amount of material presented in class, but there are TA review sessions where they discuss everything you need to know for the test (TAs write/grade the exams). In comparison to MFM, some of the topics overlap but MFM is more biochemistry focused than MCB (which means the STEP 1 biochemistry material would not be covered in class). In addition, there are three MCB exams versus two MFM exams throughout the semester. My advice would be to talk with Brian Sullivan and think about your priorities in terms of building a better knowledge base in considering whether to take Molecular Cell Biology or Biochemistry.