Sarah S., M1

  • Price range (monthly): One-bedroom starting at $750, studios starting at $650
  • Amenities: Washer/dryer in basement, 24-hour access to fitness room in Fairmont Apartment building, locked mailboxes. Rent does not cover electric, cable/internet, or air conditioning.
  • Parking (monthly): Underground garage beneath building $70
  • Pet policy: Allowed, with monthly fee
  • Walk: 15 minutes

When I was looking for apartments, there were a few things I was looking for: cheap, great natural light, decent kitchen, and walking distance from the med school. While Monticello certainly isn’t fancy, an “unrenovated” apartment gave me most of what I wanted. The management (which runs out of the Fairmont, one block north) responds quickly (within a day) to most issues, fixing chipped paint and broken window shades, installing my air conditioner, and signing for packages. Not all the apartments in this 7-floor building are the same, obviously, and there are certainly some issues. The bathroom is tiny and needs a major update. The shower will sometimes randomly get hot/cold. My bedroom got really hot this summer, so I had to buy a second air conditioner on top of the one they included. The elevator also stops working every 1-2 months. Mainly, though, I love my big huge space and bright light. It’s also close to all the good food around Maryland Plaza, and the public library. It’s great to afford to live alone, and the 15-minute walk home to Lindell is well-lit and normally feels safe. I personally love to walk, so the sunlight and fresh air can wake me up in the morning before class. I’m planning to live here for at least a couple of years!