MSTP Journal Club

Sid S., M1

A long-running tradition of the WashU MSTP, the student-run Journal Club is an optional opportunity for each MSTP class to meet independently with free food and no supervising faculty to discuss science. Research papers are selected by students and cover a wide gamut of topics, ranging from hot-off-the-press, high-profile publications, to classic landmark studies, to papers that shouldn’t have ever seen the light of day. Most importantly, we get $250 each week to order whatever food we want, and a locked room so we can celebrate and commiserate as an MSTP class as loudly as we want. The 2017 entering class successfully petitioned to earn medical school selective credit for Journal Club, thereby destroying the previous record for highest enjoyment/work ratio of any medical school course in existence. Hopefully, this tradition will continue with future matriculating classes.