Xuan Q. & Megan M., M1s

Do you enjoy thinking about biomedical research, learning about clinical medicine, frequently eating delicious (and free) food, and hanging out with 25 other awesome people for the next 7-9 years who care about science and medicine just as much as you do? Then the WashU MSTP is for you! This program offers access to world class training in medicine and research with maximal flexibility, incredible support, and a lot of fun along the way.

We have the incredible fortune of being taken care of by an amazing director, Dr. Yokoyama, and by the greatest team of staff — Brian, Christy, Linda, and Liz. They are here to listen and to give you guidance no matter what questions or requests you have. Being part of the biggest MSTP program in the country means that whatever problem you run into, someone else has probably dealt with it before, and entire staff has been with WUSM MSTP for so long that they know exactly what to do. Knowing that we have a tremendous support system both from the amazing MSTP program staff and all of our classmates going through this crazy dual degree experience with us makes this so much less daunting.

We also have many opportunities to get to know students and faculty in different classes and departments. Once a week, we have a program wide dinner talk where you learn about people’s experiences at different stages of their careers, get exposed to the incredibly wide variety of possible research projects and mentors, and enjoy the wonderful catering. From the moment you are in the program, you have the opportunity to shape the program into an even better one than it already is. There is really nothing we would change about this program (and if we happen to come up with something, the program will probably make it happen).