NICU Cuddling

Faith W., M1

Buckle up, because I’m about to tell you about the single best activity you can engage in as a student at WUSM: being a NICU cuddler. As a cuddler, you sign up for shifts (at least two per month, but as many as you have time for) to go to the St. Louis Children’s Hospital NICU and HOLD BABIES. Yes, that is your actual job. The NICU is a stressful environment for an infant, and parents can’t always be present, so you are there to comfort and interact with the babies! The signup process is a little more complex than for most student groups, as you have to go through the SLCH Volunteer Office and attend a training session, but the rewards are entirely worth it. Not only are you making a significant difference in a child’s life, it’s a wonderful stress reliever for you! Other benefits: You get to wear a truly attractive bright blue volunteer shirt, and you’ll receive a discount in the cafeteria when you show your volunteer badge.