Olin Grand Rounds

Ashima C., M1

Whether you’re shooting for an MBA or just have a passing interest in the business of healthcare and how it all works, Olin Grand Rounds is the selective for you. The course is led by phenomenal professors who give great insight into the field of medicine. Over the course of the semester, you’ll hear from the CEO of BJC, a patient living with HIV, and physicians who have faced malpractice lawsuits, to name a few. The diversity of lectures and talks combined with interesting business case studies are an incredible way to supplement all the science classes of first year. We’re going to learn a lot about how our patients will be affected by their health; this class teaches us how our patients will be affected by the healthcare system (insurance, pharmaceuticals, etc). And, because this class is through Olin Business school and is open to students across WashU, you can meet lots of new people too!