On Being a WashU Grad

Sarah S., M1

I’ll be honest, I was ready to leave WashU to try out a new school and a new city. I was a freshman RA for the past two years, eating lunch at the DUC and dinner in BD every day since starting undergrad. However, going to Second Look weekend convinced me that WashU was meant to be my home. The Central West End, where the majority of the first-year class lives, is a whole new neighborhood to explore. I can walk a few blocks to study, or hang out late at night with friends. I can afford to live walking distance from campus and easily roll out of bed late to get to class, salsa lessons, or review in Anatomy lab. Coming from WashU also made finding an apartment and cheap, used furniture so much easier. There are always new things for me to see, and I have these amazingly kind, fun, intelligent classmates to share it with. I can also share my favorite restaurants with them (right now it’s Cate Zone). So many of my friends from undergrad are still in the area, whether on Danforth Campus or working and living nearby in the CWE.