On Being Alcohol-Free

Nithya L., M1

Not drinking can sometimes seem like an automatic barrier to going out to events at clubs and bars because — let’s be honest — who likes hanging out with drunk people when you are stone cold sober? But whether you don’t drink due to medical concerns, religious reasons, or because Coke is really just the better option anyway, YOU CAN STILL HAVE FUN! I love going out dancing with our class because a big group of us go and it’s always a good time! The post-exam celebrations have fun activities, food, and dancing apart from alcohol that you can still enjoy. If that’s not your jam, then there are a vast variety of different clubs and activities that are available to WUSM students. There are board games, table tennis, basketball, rock-climbing, a cappella, trivia nights, movie nights, and many many more options for you to pick from! Ultimately, not drinking is in no way a barrier because the WUSM students are extremely supportive and there is no dearth of fun opportunities. One word of warning, beware of the crazy “friends” who make you take hot sauce shots.