On Being an MSTP Student

Kendall B., M1

If you’re sitting in lab right now watching that SDS-PAGE run (blot, blot, western baby) or generating metabolic capacities of individual metagenomes, look no further than the WashU MSTP, because this program is for you! Here, you will be surrounded by hardworking and supportive peers in the classroom, the clinic, and the lab. You will interact with faculty who are passionate experts in their fields of study, and they will be your mentors and guides. Furthermore, the MSTP administrative staff is an amazing group of people who will really look after you and your peers throughout your time at WashU (thankfully, you will have many peers in our sizeable program). Personally, the main reason I chose the WashU MSTP is the wide variety of novel science to which I am exposed on a daily basis (the free food at weekly journal clubs, weekly MSTP meetings, and monthly research opportunity seminars only sweetens the deal). This type of experience will undoubtedly help me and my classmates to grow as future physician-scientists. In short, if you want to be at the forefront of medical science in the company of the smartest and most compassionate colleagues around, consider making WashU your home for the next 7-8 years!