On Being Black

Jason M., M1

Coming from Atlanta, and then a liberal undergraduate institution, I was nervous about moving to St. Louis. However, my experience at WUSM has been incredible. St. Louis is a complicated city and the faculty and staff here do a great job of educating the class about how past events have shaped factors of inequality here, as well as empowering students to get involved with and make a difference in the local community. Within the medical school, the faculty and students also work to create a welcoming and engaging community for minority students. No place is perfect, but there are numerous channels in place to ensure that WUSM maintains a positive and supportive learning environment for everyone. My peers of all races here have continually impressed me with their willingness and ability to engage in difficult discussions and contemplate the impact that privilege, or lack thereof, has had on their lives. Being black in medicine has its challenges, but WUSM arms you with the resources to thrive here, and St. Louis provides an opportunity to live, work, and play in a large black community.