On Being from a Small Town

Lena J., M1

St. Louis is the perfect size for someone who’s looking for a place that’s perfectly in between a small, rural town and the bustling Big Apple. I’m from a tiny town in Missouri where the cows move faster than the speed limit and there are no malls or Starbucks. When I was looking for medical schools, I knew I wanted to live in a mid-sized city that had a plethora of festivals, comedy shows (John Mulaney came through this year!), movie theaters (there’s only one small cinema in my hometown), and nightlife. St. Louis is perfect for all of that, and as a WashU medical student, you get a free Metro Pass to travel around the city. In addition, the medical campus is right next to Forest Park, so when I’m missing the nature and greenery of home, it’s just a simple run away. In addition, living in St. Louis is much more affordable than residing in some of the other larger cities on the East coast or West coast. Overall, I’ve completely enjoyed my time in St. Louis.