On Being from the West Coast

Sophie E., M1

Maybe you are like I was a year ago: super excited about medical school at WashU, but being from the West Coast, you are wondering if you can “survive” 4+ years living in St. Louis. Originally from the Bay Area, I grew up loving the accessible national parks, the diversity of people, the extraordinary food choices, the beautiful beaches … I could go on. Unexpectedly, I actually like living in Saint Louis. The medical school is located in the Central West End, near the beautiful Forest Park, perfect for a jog, stroll, or a visit to one of several (free!) museums. Everything that you need to live is within walking distance, including grocery stores, banks, and restaurants. St. Louis is within train or driving distance of Chicago, a dynamic city perfect for a weekend away.  If you have a car, or a friend with a car, you can also access many beautiful state parks throughout Missouri. Of course, one of the best parts about WashU is your medical school class. Being able to share moments with these amazing and diverse people will also help you feel right at home! Living in St. Louis also strikes a good balance because there are things to do when you do have time, but not so many distractions that you are tempted to go out when you don’t have time. St. Louis may not be the “West Coast Best Coast,” but it is still a great place for a medical student to live!