On Being in a Long-Distance Relationship

Tamara S. O., M1

Relationships can be complicated to begin with, and they are made all the more difficult to navigate when your SO is hundreds if not thousands of miles away and you are trying to adjust to life as a medical student. However, you shouldn’t let the cynics stop you from giving your relationship a chance. My current boyfriend and I had to do long-distance in college on multiple occasions and after living together for the past year, we are trying long-distance yet again. From our previous experiences of love from across the ocean, I have learned that it is extremely important to figure out what you want and need from the relationship. Together, you can discuss your expectations and concerns and brainstorm ways to maintain a healthy relationship while apart. Maybe that means you agree to talk on the phone every night before bed, or to continue going on dates (e.g. candle-light dinners over Skype), or you plan to see each other on the weekends after block exams. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are many ways to keep the fire burning. Just be sure to keep communicating with each other on what is working for each of you and what is not, and then talk about ways you can both improve.