On Being Liberal

Ioana F., M2

If you come from a liberal background, it may be tempting to regard Missouri as only a solidly red state on the border between the solidly red South and the more-or-less red Midwest. Yet moving here rapidly reveals that things are far more politically complex! You will probably find that individuals at WUSM itself tend to be more left-leaning. Missouri has a long history of Democratic governors and a Democratic Senator. Events two years ago in Ferguson and one of the closest races for a national Senate seat during this past election (featuring the Democratic candidate putting together a rifle blindfolded!) have also placed Missouri at the center of some of the most important policy and political battles of our day. I would recommend keeping an open mind, trying to learn as much as possible about the different political perspectives you are likely to encounter and becoming involved by advocating for liberal policy ends in the community. Living here provides a lot of opportunities to support issues ranging from reproductive health rights to Medicaid expansion to social justice, and there are many valuable organizations right here at school that are driven by WUSM students. Change must happen in places that need it, so welcome to Missouri!