On Being Married

Matt H., M1

My wife is probably the best person I know, and that’s part of the reason being married in medical school is so great. She is so supportive, helping out around the house, cooking for us, making me study, and taking me outside over lunch breaks to play Frisbee in the park. Two pieces of advice: (1) Find ways to integrate your spouse into the class, possibly through social events or student groups. Knowing my friends has brought my wife into one of the most rewarding and time-intensive parts of my life. My class has been utterly inclusive, and some people know me as “her husband.” (2) Be flexible with your time. As often as you can, be willing to spontaneously stop studying to read a book out loud to each other until you go to bed. Things like this keep me sane and show my wife she’s more important to me than schoolwork. In general we’ve had so much more free time together than we expected. Being married in medical school has been a huge blessing that I would highly recommend!