On Being Muslim

Fatima A. & Gazelle Z., M2s

Our Muslim community at Washington University includes the Muslim Student Association of the Danforth Campus and of Saint Louis University, which both undergraduate and graduate students may join. Although our immediate Muslim community within WUSM is relatively small, our neighbors are very active and inclusive. Students at the Danforth Campus arrange rides to masjids (like the West Pine Masjid), host iftar and Eid parties, and organize Friday Jummah prayers. Jummah is also held at the Interfaith Chapel at Barnes-Jewish South Campus. The Interfaith Chapel and the Danforth Chapel on the first floor of Olin can be used as prayer rooms. Additionally, many Muslim students live in apartments close to WUSM (like Del Coronado) and there are plenty of opportunities to hang out outside of these formal events. In terms of socializing within your class — although it’s true that many social events involve alcohol, your classmates understand that everyone has different ways of having a good time, and you’ll never feel any pressure. There’s also many non-drinking social alternatives (see the Perspectives Section: On Being Alcohol Free).