On Being South Asian

Ashima C., M1

There’s no dearth of South Asian culture in St. Louis. Here, you can find anything from food, music, or movies to holiday festivals or places of worship. Speaking to Indian culture specifically, my friends and I have visited a handful of Indian restaurants across St. Louis, have attended a dance party in the Central West End hosted by a Bollywood DJ, and have access to the latest Bollywood releases which frequently run at a local AMC within driving distance from WashU. Of course, we’ve also had plenty of Bollywood watch parties in the Del Coronado TV room. On campus itself, we have the Asian and Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA). The student club hosts a Diwali/Festival of Lights celebration every year — be sure to sign up to choreograph for or be in your class’ dance performance for this because it’s a ton of fun!  Additionally, the Hindu Temple and Sikh Gurdwara of St. Louis are not too far (~30 minute drives) and are great places to get to know the South Asian community of St. Louis.