On Dating Someone Outside of Medical School

Alex S., M1

When I first got to WashU, a wise man told me that “dating a non-medical student is a lot like dating a person; it’s just that they’re not in medical school.” You know what, fair point! As for challenges you might face, just be conscious that when you get to medical school, you are immediately going to have a support network and a hundred new friends, but your partner won’t. Take the time to introduce your partner to your classmates, especially those who are also in relationships. It turns out couple-friends are great, and there is no better resource for your med-school-adjacent partner than someone in their exact position! Your SO’s schedule won’t always line up with your own, and they may be free while you have to learn all of Histology in one night (4/10, would not recommend), but trust me, they will understand. More importantly, they’ll be there for you when you’re done! Dating outside of school has kept me grounded and sane, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Just make sure that when you’re together, you remember how to talk about things that aren’t medical school. And shower well; formaldehyde sticks with you.