On Having a Family

Matt M., M1

The best advice about being married with kids in medical school applies to most relationships — make sure to spend time with your spouse and kids every day, dedicating at least one night a week solely to family fun. Since my wife and kids are temporarily living long distance, we do this by using Facetime at dinner and story time, and having board game night over the internet. Additionally, it is important to spend time talking to your spouse, so that you both know the joys and stresses in each other’s lives. You should focus on strengthening your relationships even when it feels like you have no time or energy to do so. You can do this by planning out a support system before starting school, so that you know how to prioritize your spouse and kids even when things get busy. Lastly, remember that this is only a relatively small part of your journey as a family. Overall, medical school can be a fun and rewarding experience for you, your spouse, and your children. It was fun to put two small white coats on my kids for their own White Coat Ceremony!