On Having a Pet

Katie J., M1

Can you imagine anything better than coming home to a huffy spike-potato after a long day of school? Yeah? Okay fine, me too … but once she stops being a little grump and remembers that she loves (tolerates?) me, she can be an awesome study buddy and overall mental health boost! Luckily, the Central West End tends to be super pet-friendly. Most of the apartments allow pets and there is at least one pet shop and vet within walking distance of the school. If you’re looking for something a little less sharp than a hedgehog, cats seem to be a popular choice among my classmates (including one of my roommates, who adopted two adorable kittens just a few weeks into the school year). Though it can sometimes get a little bit stressful having to take care of a pet on top of schoolwork, it’s definitely worth it when that little huffy spike-potato becomes slightly less huffy/spiky and cuddles into your arms!

(Side note: having a pet is awesome, but having a roommate with a pet is the actual best — all of the benefits with none of the work. Highly recommended.)