On Being Heavily Involved in Student Activities

Connie G., M1

One of the reasons why I love WUSM is the multitude of extracurricular opportunities offered to medical students. As someone who has been interested in medicine and community impact for a long time, I feel blessed to be given these chances to explore different specialities through various interest groups, develop leadership skills with administration, and become an activist in St. Louis health care disparities through volunteer organizations. I believe that classes are important, but our learning doesn’t only occur in the classroom — these extracurricular opportunities are uniquely afforded to medical students and I am determined to make the most of it!

I am involved in the Dementia Understanding Opportunity (DUO), salsa club, coordinating for Schnucks screenings, AMWA, and shadowing with interest groups, but by far my largest commitment is in my role as class president. Although it can be hectic at times, I find balancing schoolwork with extracurriculars very manageable with some organization and efficiency. Each student has his or her own priorities, and it is important to take some time to figure out your own limits. It’s definitely a learning process of where and when to say “no”, but this is a skill highly needed as we continue on in our medical careers. There are amazing experiences waiting, and I can’t wait to see what you all will do!