On Matriculating with your SO

Meg L. & Sirui M., M1s

Sirui & Meg Senior Prom Picture
Sirui M. and Meg L., M1s, at their senior prom – long before they would learn the struggles of differentiating holosystolic heart murmurs.

So you’re thinking of coming to WUSM with your significant other? For the few of you that this may apply to — congratulations on surviving two application cycles concurrently! It’s been an incredible experience in medical school so far — it’s all the benefits of dating someone in your class without any of the potential drama. You’ll always have a second set of eyes around to ask about a Histology lecture or practice buddy for physical exam skills. You’ll share the same cycle of free time and study time. And, most uniquely, you’ll be with a partner who’s been in your life for a long time already, providing a pillar of stability during the tumultuous time that is medical education. Coming to medical school together means making a simultaneous commitment to both your careers and your relationship — you’re going to want to be at a place with mentors and advisors that will respect both those things and nurture you along this path together. It’s hard for us to think of a better place than WUSM for that.