On Skipping Class

Arjav S., M1

While it may seem that medical school will be so intense that any time you miss class, you will inevitably end up behind your classmates, that is definitely not the case for a sizable chunk of the WashU student body. Medical school is about finding what works best for you academically while making sure you remain happy and mentally refreshed. For me, this involves waking up when I want, coming only to required classes (of which unfortunately there were more than I wanted during the first block), and relying solely on Anki and digital resources provided by the school and the previous classes. And even if you are an auditory or visual learner, all our lectures are recorded, so nothing will stop you from listening to them at 2x or even 3x.

P.S. Make sure to figure out how many classes you are allowed to miss for each subject per block. There is no regret like the regret of attending a class you could have skipped.