On Taking Gap Years

Samantha L., M1

If you took a few gap years to make sure you really wanted to be a doctor, make money, have a crazy experience, etc. I understand! I took three years off between college and med school, spending winters ski instructing in Colorado and summers dabbling in health stuff. Let me calm some common fears. First, you’ll ask yourself, “Do I remember how to go to school?” The answer is yes! WUSM really lets you ease your way into studying and you’re encouraged to figure out what works best for you. All of your peers are in the exact same place, even if they came straight from college. Med school is a whole new animal for everyone. You might also fear being older than your peers. But you’re likely more confident in yourself, you’re better at adulting, and you will be totally prepared for all the amazing opportunities that come your way literally every day. I have found that I truly appreciated my time off, I can balance school and life, and I’m ready to capitalize on these years. So yes, sometimes your classmates will remind you they’re just 22 and fresh out of college and yes, sometimes you’ll feel older than them. But in the end, you will totally fit in here, be successful, be happy, and pursue your goals!