Religious Student Groups

Priyanka P., M1

The WashU medical community has many different student groups that can help you connect with other students of similar faith. Medical school can be challenging at times, so finding a support network here is important. Student groups include:

  • The Catholic Student Center (on the Danforth campus) provides an opportunity for students of any faith to pray, serve the community, and decompress.
  • The Christian Medical Association (CMA) offers Bible studies, opportunities to worship, and discussions with attendings and healthcare professionals.
  • The Jewish Medical Student Association (JMSA) connects students to faculty members, plans holiday celebrations (such as an all-school Hannukah event), and Shabbat dinners
  • The Muslim Students Association (MSA, on the Danforth campus) plans social and religious activities.
  • Atma is a group on the Danforth campus that organizes events such as visits to the Hindu temple.