Research During M1

Cyrus Z., M1

WashU is a premier research university that provides unique opportunities for scientific exploration. From basic metabolism to human genome sequencing to microbiology, WashU has been at the forefront of advancing our collective medical knowledge. Most medical students start their research project during the summer after M1, but you can start as early as day 1. All you really need to do is email professors whose research you find interesting. One of the great advantages of being a WashU medical student is that many professors and physicians are more than willing to supervise and mentor you. Most projects are highly flexible both in terms of time commitment and direction, so they are truly what you make them. I personally have been working in the lab of Jeffrey Gordon, a renowned gut microbiologist, to understand ways in which bacteria can break down food in our gut. It is really exciting work and I get to use a supercomputer. But if you aren’t interested in working with bacteria or computers, there are plenty of supportive faculty who will work with you on something that you are interested in. If you happen to love research, you are most certainly in the right place.