Noah E., M2

The Skinker/DeBaliviere neighborhood is located north of Forest Park between the medical school and the Danforth Campus. There are many quiet, dead-end streets that provide a much-appreciated break from the busy Central West End and give the neighborhood a cozy feel. Apartments, condominiums, and houses are all available, and you will find that many of your neighbors are medical students, graduate students, or resident physicians. There are a handful of nearby coffee shops and restaurants, including Kayak’s (a favorite of Washington University undergraduates), Pura Vegan Café, and the cleverly named 2Schae Café. For more variety in food and entertainment, the Central West End also is easily accessible by foot or by public transportation. The nearby Forest Park/DeBaliviere and Skinker MetroLink stations make this neighborhood just one or two Metro stops from campus, so it is not necessary to have a car to live here. Located adjacent to Forest Park, Skinker/DeBaliviere is just a short walk away from the museums, zoo, golf courses, and trails inside the park. One downside of the neighborhood is that although I feel safe walking around during the day and evening, the streets empty out at night and it can feel pretty dicey, which might be a problem when returning home from a night out or a late shift at the hospital.