Student Health Services

Ariella C. R., M1

Student Health Services (SHS) is excellent. We are all seen by the same doctor, Dr. Winters, who is wonderful. I once emailed her on a Sunday night with an urgent concern, and she responded within a few minutes and immediately called a prescription in to the local Walgreens for me because SHS was obviously closed. During business hours, it is simple to call and make an appointment if you have any health concerns. You can even drop in anytime if you just want to consult with the nurse. If your problem is urgent or causing you serious anxiety, and you need the doctor (because you need an exam and/or a prescription), you should tell them that on the phone so they can try to get you an earlier appointment. Lastly, if your medical problems are interfering with your schoolwork, Dr. Winters is great about helping you manage that problem, even communicating with your professors if necessary.