Taking a Class on the Danforth Campus

Ashima C., M1

If there were just a few more classes you wish you could’ve taken in undergrad, don’t despair — WashU’s undergrad campus is right on the other side of Forest Park. You have a significant amount of free time during first year for extracurricular activities, shadowing, volunteering, etc., and if you want to spend some of that time in a classroom, it’s pretty easy to email a professor who’s teaching something you’re interested in and ask if it’s possible to sit in on a lecture or two (or even over the course of a semester). It’s a great way to keep up with other academic passions — for me, that meant sitting in on some awesome math lectures, but no matter what you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to open up the Danforth course catalog and check out what awaits you just two metro stops away.