The Grove

Curtis A., M2

The Grove is a wonderful neighborhood to live in for a number of reasons. It is experiencing a revival, meaning new businesses are opening all the time. You can expect to live within walking distance of a handful of restaurants, bars, and shops. Most of them have a hipster vibe (in a good way), and almost all of the LGBTQ bars in the city are located in the Grove. My commute to school is no farther than that of many of my classmates in the Central West End. It takes about 15 minutes walking or five minutes by bike. Another big advantage is that apartments here tend to be larger and cost the same as, or less than, units in other nearby neighborhoods, so you get more bang for your buck. A lot of the buildings only have a few units, which cuts down on neighbor noise and gives the apartment a more homey feel. Overall, it is an eccentric, vibrant neighborhood, and you’ll be spending lots of time in the Grove anyway, so you might as well live there!