The Hill

Andrew S., M2

The Hill has been a great place to live so far. It consists mostly of houses, so rent is a little higher, but you get much more space. If you share the rent, it’ll be cheaper than the Central West End. I have a dog, so it is nice to have a yard, and my wife and I finally have enough space to store all of our “use-them-just-often-enough-to-be-annoyed-at-not-having-them” items. It’s nice that we can walk to more than a dozen Italian restaurants and several pubs, as well as Tower Grove Park (the second-biggest park in STL). There also is an astonishing density of automobile repair places, for whatever that’s worth. The downside is that it is a little more than three miles to school, and not super bike-friendly, so having a car is pretty important. Also, the houses are mostly older, so you may have to deal with some of the maintenance issues that come with that. Despite those things, I plan to stay here all four years (at least)!